Kinda Funny: Day 155

Pencil/pen drawing on paper

I sure had a hell of a time taking a photo of this one. Why? Either because my camera on my tablet really does suck, or it’s the lighting. Likely both. I really should start with my daily drawings earlier in the day so when I finish, it’s still daylight. Photos of my artwork look so much better in the natural sunlight than they do under my piddly desk lamp. Well, considering I’m not finished with this yet and will likely be working on this particular picture again tomorrow, the final version’s photo should be much higher quality than this was.

So, it looks like adding that “leave tip” button was a pretty good idea! So far I’m up to $81 ($4 is what Paypal took for their services, which is reasonable) and every cent of that money will go a long ways in helping me keep this up. Seeing as it’s already in a Paypal account, I could go nuts on ordering some art supplies from somewhere online. I’m not sure what I’ll actually do yet, but it’s there when I need it. I kind of want to leave it and see if it goes up at all. Maybe try to hit $100 or something.

I’ve been watching Kinda Funny videos for a little while now (they are still fairly new) and I like how they’ve been handling themselves when it comes to receiving money. Whenever they get “donations” they list the supporters right on their live streams, as well as talk about the current number of dollars they’re at . It’s kind of exciting to see it continue to grow as the days go on. I certainly don’t ever expect any more money to come my way in this manner, but it’s happened three times already so who knows what’s going to happen from here on out. Anything seems possible right now.

I’ve already finished the first of three pictures that I’ll be mailing out to my own supporters. I will likely finish another one tomorrow and proceed to mail them out on Monday. As far as the “Wall of Supporters” goes, I haven’t got started on that yet. Perhaps later tonight I’ll try and nail a proper idea down and at least get started on it. I’m still unsure whether to mention the amounts that have been given from each person, or how long each individual should be listed on the wall. I say that because as time goes on the list needs to stay updated and continue to evolve and all that. I was thinking every 30 days or so I should update it. All of this is assuming whether I get any more supporters that actually need to go up on the wall. So we’ll see how that goes. One step at a time, I guess.

Thanks for checking this out! If you have any suggestions at all, please please say so in the comments section below.