Fluffy Tree: Day 163

"Fluffy Tree" drawing

What an odd looking tree. I name thee “Fluffy Tree”.

Anyways, I’m pretty satisfied with today’s drawing overall. I’m so used to outlining everything with a black pen/marker but… maybe it’s fate that my pens all ran out and that my new art supplies are showing up a bit later than expected. I should attempt drawings like this one more often, I think. I kind of wish I didn’t do the roots like that, but that’s actually where the drawing started, and it kind of evolved from there into what you see now.┬áLesson learned, I guess.

I hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend! Throughout Friday and Saturday my weekend wasn’t so great for me. I was feeling a little depressed, and I’ve been having trouble putting my finger on what the exact issue was. I think I just needed to do some actual work. Take the time and get things done, you know? Because now I’m feeling better.

Last night I spent a good few hours setting up a Redbubble store, and although I don’t expect to sell anything besides a few items to some friends and family, it’s something I’ve been talking about doing for a little while. My store is now active and it looks pretty nice too. Thankfully a lot of the images I uploaded were big enough to fit on pretty much any item available. Namely, throw pillows and iPad cases, which seem like the best looking items to me. iPhone cases and actual prints look terrific too.

The link to my store front is right here, and please, let me know what you guys think! There is still a lot more work to do this week and I need any advice I can get. What items would you be interested in? Are the prices pretty high on Redbubble? Suggestions are very appreciated.