Everything has to be Perfect! Day 161

Stupid thing

Blaaaaaah! Everything I did today to try and be creative just failed miserably. I mean, I wasn’t even in the mood to draw to begin with, but I tried anyways. I think this is the first time in a long while, maybe since I first started, that I just wasn’t feeling it. I would of done nothing today if it wouldn’t of meant regretting that I missed a single day when tomorrow comes around. Now that I’m typing this out and just about done for the day, I guess I’m feeling a little bit better.

I was expecting my new art supplies to arrive in the mail today, and when it didn’t that’s when my mood began to go downhill. I started drawing and then my last pen ran out of ink. If you look closely at today’s picture, the ink (on the little circles) is all messed up. It’s not perfect? Everything has to be perfect!

Anyways, I still wasn’t in the mood to do any of this after my pen died, but I pressed onward by coloring in those little circles. My dark green colored pencil breaks, then again ….now it’s too short to hold properly and won’t sharpen. Blaaaaah! So I started filling in the lighter green and the exact same frickin thing happens! Okay, okay… nothing’s gonna stop me from drawing a big red monster coming out of the shadows in the background! And well… that kinda turned out pretty cool actually.

P.S. Blah