Hourglass: Day 150

Design with Sharpie Design2

As you can see, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I should be approaching these designs. I began today’s work by trying to add more to what I started yesterday with that hourglass type design. It was going okay for awhile but then my pen started running out of ink. It was getting frustrating, so I decided to finally try these fine tip Sharpies that I’ve had for awhile, and never really used much. I was hoping they would be more pen than marker when I bought them, but they were going right through the paper in my sketchpad and so I stopped using them. Tonight, I tried to find some paper that I own that might work well with these markers. I drew something sort of neat, but just wasn’t feeling it. It almost looks the same on the other side of the paper! Ugh.

So, now I need to find out what I should be using. Perhaps I should just ask the artist that inspired me to try making these designs. Once again (I posted about her page yesterday) you can find her artist Facebook fanpage right here. Do yourself a favor and check out her stuff!