Little UFO: Day 166

Photo of drawing

Today’s drawing turned out to be a pretty good exercise. And, to be completely honest, it didn’t really take a whole lot of work. I used my 0.2 Micron pen, my new Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, and my little Stonehenge pad of vellum paper. All of those items combined turned a regular doodle I would normally do on any given day, into something that looks kind of special. There are some things about this drawing that I’m not too fond of (I wish I made a rainbow beam rather than the little cloud puffs, as one example) but the pencils were fun to work with and sharpened really well. Especially when compared with the supplies I’ve been working with since I started my year long project. What a massive difference!

I think next up, perhaps even this afternoon, I’ll use my other pad of 9 x 12 bristol paper to try and make that Dagobah (It’s a swamp planet from Star Wars for those not in the know) idea I had the other night. I’m quite confident that I can pull it off, and I’m excited to get started on it.

Zoomed photo of drawing