Paint Yourself Into a Corner: Day 176

Photograph of pen drawing

There’s nothing all that exciting going on today. The picture I’m working on is coming along nicely, but it’s certainly not especially interesting as I already know what it’s going to look like tomorrow. I’ll probably get half of the right side finished! I’m still trying to figure out a way to add something special to this picture. I guess I kind of like to “paint” myself into a corner, as they say. Start with some simple ideas and try to execute them well, and then just figure it out as I go along. Kind of like writing a novel or any script really. Seems you have some basic ideas to start with, and then as you go along you figure out the characters and what decisions they would make, filling in the plot details as you go.

Alright, question time again! I’m just going to answer one question for today. I have laundry in, and my dishes are soaking, and it’s already getting late in the evening. There’s only three questions left from the list of questions that Crystal posted anyways. Actually, I think I’ll answer one question each day for the next two days. That sounds like a plan.

What draws you to this project?

I may have answered this one a little bit with some of my more rambly answers from the previous questions. But I’ll take a stab at it nonetheless. First off, I’ve done a lot of drawing in my life. It’s kind of been something that I’ve felt really defined me. While I was growing up anyways. Then I stopped as I did more “adult” types of things. Like getting jobs and moving around a lot. Now, I’m at the point in my life where I want to do something special. Something I can feel good about doing. I’m realizing, as I’m going along with this project, that I really love to create things. Whether that be characters, environments, or entire worlds. It’s something I really feel like I need to do. I’m 100% dedicated to figuring out a way where I can make a living creating.

So, a more simple answer would probably be that at first I was drawn to this project for simple reasons. You know, “Let’s try this out because I used to draw a lot. It’ll keep me busy while I have nothing really going on in my life.”. Then it kind of became more important to me. I have to finish what I started, and make it a life changing experience.