Facebook Monies! Day 156

Photo of "Rough Waters"

Here we go. Now this is turning out pretty awesome. I made Japanese style water scene with computer printout paper, a 2H pencil to get things started, various colored pencils, and an ultra thin Sharpie marker. I still have the boat to color yet, and I hope I don’t make it too dark because I actually like it all white the way it is. I’m even considering just leaving it alone and calling this a finished piece. However, I think I do need to add color. The white on white bugs me a bit with the surf there under the boat.

So, today I added a new header today on my home page that now includes a list of supporters that have helped me out financially. I went back and forth, and back and forth again, trying to make a decision on whether I should include the amounts they have given. Ultimately I decided that honesty is the best way to go and so I displayed the full amounts for each person. I know if I gave someone money because I enjoyed their content, I would think it was pretty cool to get my name up there. If I didn’t include the dollar amount that was given, then it would be a little ambiguous what that wall was all about.

I currently have the outlining ideas mostly figured out for the two supporter drawings I have left to do (If you gift me $10 or more, I mail you a personal drawing). So I’ll likely get both of them started tomorrow, as well as mail away¬†the one I’ve already completed. Assuming I receive any more money in the future in this way, I’ll have to figure out a better way to do the drawings. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I would like to find a process to adhere to. Some rules maybe. I want everyone to receive the same quality of drawing and never to feel underwhelmed. I’m sending out the drawings as more of a thank you note, I guess. Yet I’m still spending about an hour on each.

So, Facebook gave me about $40 to go towards advertising last night. I’ve spent $5 today and already gained another 12 likes on my page. That’s 12 more people following my content on Facebook. I’m stoked! That’s 97 as of this moment. I can’t even imagine what a group of 97 people would look like, but all of them clicked the “like” button in order to see my daily updates and content. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed here!

If you like anything I do, please go ahead and “like” my Facebook artist fan page. Share anything you want, or go ahead and comment. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions and would love to know what people are checking out either on my website here, or over there on Facebook. Thanks for all the support and encouragement everyone has given. You all rock.