New Art Supplies: Day 160

Photograph of pencil/pen drawing

For today, I finished the last drawing I had to do for those that supported me financially last week, and I drew the orange guy you see above! As far as the supporter drawings are concerned,  I knew what I was drawing for Assassin (Rene Moran) a few days ago, and I think it turned out pretty awesome. I almost considered asking him if I could use it for my drawing of the day on this website, but quickly decided against it as I want to keep all of the personal drawings I send out to stay personal. I think it would mean more if no one else has really seen their drawings. I mean, I have no problem with the recipients sharing them online, I just want to keep the process nice and simple; draw something, maybe write a message on the page, sign it, date it, and mail it away. I figure if I change the process up for anyone, then that could bring potential problems. You never know, so I just want to make sure everyone gets the exact same treatment.

I kind of forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I went ahead and ordered those art supplies from I ordered two different kinds of drawing paper, a set of drawing pens, and some expensive colored pencils. When all was said and done it came to $85, so all of your monies ($81 in total) all went to new art supplies! Hopefully you guys can see the difference in what I post coming up in the next few days or so. Whenever the shipment arrives. It’s shipping from a place just a few hours from where I live, so I’m hoping it’s here tomorrow (Friday), but we’ll see. I’m trying to be patient, but I really do have a hard time waiting for packages to arrive. It’s like Christmas!

Gift Exchange Progress:

Brad Thornhill: *drawing received today!*

Meggz Fuller: *finished and set to go*

Rene (Assassin) Moran: *finished!*