Questions: Day 172

Photoshop drawing

Say hello to android #1. Or at the very least, an early version of him. There are still so many features of his that I’m still not quite settled on, and I’m still going to mess around with his look in the next few days. I’m really hoping I can get a good amount of feedback, but I think there’s only one or two individuals that I can depend on to help me out with answering this important question! How does he look? I think I know what looks good, and letting me know what looks good isn’t what I’m looking for. What I need to know is what stands out or doesn’t fit, maybe something doesn’t make sense, perhaps a specific feature is really great, or maybe he reminds you of another character from something else. This is the type of feedback I would love to get today. That all being said, maybe I should direct the question to my Facebook readers. I think I’ll ask again in a day or so and post the question on there.

Yesterday, Crystal posted something on her page that I thought I would address today. She asked some questions for her readers to answer and I thought it would be fun to try to tackle a couple of them today. This will no doubt take me awhile to complete as I find that answering questions about myself is difficult to do, so I’m just going to answer two at a time. Let me know in the comments what your answers would be.

What’s your gift?

My gift. So I’m going to assume that gift would be something you have innately. Something you feel that you naturally gained somewhere along the way in your lifetime. That’s how I’m going to take its meaning. You see, if my “gift” was something that I worked hard for, then I wouldn’t feel like it was given to me. Whatever artistic talent I have, I would definitely treat that as a gift. I don’t really feel like have anything else that I’m even remotely good at. I don’t remember a time before people told me I was artistically talented.

What’s your superpower?

Well, I can’t use that last answer again, can I? Oh, come on… I’m more creative than that, I have to come up with something here. Okay, one thing I’ve been working on for a few years now, is something that I apparently would consider a superpower. I say “apparently” because I was wracking my brain trying to think of what my superpower could be, and this popped into my head

For a few years now I’ve worked hard on being emotionally steady. It’s a pretty lame superpower as far as superpowers go, but it was very important to me to try and get better at self control. I’ve always felt weak when it came to my mental control, how I would present myself, and my overall decision making. I was never good at thinking before I acted on something. I’m not going to go into every little detail, but after years of practice and mental training, I’ve become the Batman of self control. What? Batman doesn’t have superpowers… well I’m leaving that in there.